I Need Rain!

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Some of you might think that I am crazy (most already know that) but I am really getting to the point that I need rain.  Someone told me this morning that we are supposed to have 100% chance of rain today but I won't believe it until I can go out and play in it!


Last Sunday night, there were storms all around Ohio.  Driving back from Akron we hit some really heavy rain in Ashland County.   Friends on Facebook were saying that they got 3" or more in the Enon area.  I thougth for sure that we had to have gotten some at my house in the northern part of Clark County.  Pulling into the driveway, I couldn't find a single puddle.  Therefore, it was sprinklers on the garden all day Monday.  And we haven't gotten any rain this week.


The main problem with not having rain at this time of the year is my newly established vegetable garden and my newly planted annuals, perennials and trees.  Moist soil in the vegetable garden is critical for germination, therefore, I am irrigating to keep the ground moist so my beets, squash, cucumber and other seeds will germinate.  In the perennial bed, I am actually seeing cracks in the soil (like we usually see in August) and I have had to drag the soil to the new plants I put in.


So, I am doing a rain dance and it's very possible that others in the state of Ohio might be doing the same thing.  Already?  What does this mean for August?????