Ohio Invasive Plant Council hosts Annual Research Conference

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“Invasive Plants and Global Change: Addressing the Challenges of Tomorrow” was this year’s theme of the Ohio Invasive Plants Council Research Conference held on Friday, October 27th, 2023, in Columbus, Ohio.









Topics ranged from Carbon Dioxide, Climate Change and Invasive Plants to Invasive Species Prevention and Prioritization.








In addition, there was a presentation on Meeting the Challenges of Nursery Grown Invasives.


Other talks included Purple Loosestrife, Garlic Mustard, Phragmite Controls, Honeysuckle Removal, Habitat Management, Survival of Planted tree seedlings, and Building Consistent and Proactive Invasive Species Policies and Management.








Sponsors included for profit and nonprofit groups in natural resource management, conservancy groups, MetroParks, arboretums, arborists, nature preserve managers, and stream and wetland preservation groups to name a few.









It was a good day to experience the good work that is taking place by land managers and volunteer groups that care about nature, the earth, and the continued health of ecosystems.