More abuse of Trees……………………….You’re Killin’ me Smalls!

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It’s sad to see more trees headed for the burn pile. Some will die a slow, painful death.








Others will suffer from pruning wounds, wrong selection, but most will eventually perish!








As I continue to look for examples of suffering trees, examples abound everywhere. Some have been reduced in size by a chainsaw. Between Power Lines and Trees, Power Lines usually win.








Some have really been reduced by chainsaws.








There are some trees that have just been hacked for no apparent reason.








I spoke before in previous articles about planting high on a mound. As you can see, these trees are half dead.









Someone decided to build a mound as a screen, then got rid of half the mound to fit in a house!









Not sure what their plans are to reinforce the soil?









And then there are trees that are planted in the wrong soil. The Ph of the soil in these islands has to be high. Pin Oaks suffer nutrient deficiencies in high Ph. Some trees are yellow.








Some Pin oaks are dying.







Some are just about dead or totally dead.







The moral of the story begins with “Right Tree, Right Place" as referred to in this post:




Do your research as to how large the tree will grow and what are soil and watering requirements.


Below is a list off trees by Genus to consider:


Street Trees of Ohio – Articles


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Street Trees Part 4 -Eucommia (Hardy Rubber Tree), Ginkgo (Ginkgo), Maclura (Osage Orange)


Street Trees Part 5 – Gymnocladus, Kentucky Coffee Tree, Gleditsia, Honeylocust, and Koelreuteria, Goldenrain Tree


Street Trees Part 6 – Metasequioa, Dawn Redwood and Taxodium, Bald Cypress


Street Trees Part 7 – Quercus-Oaks


Street Trees Part 8 – Elms, Ulmus and Zelkova


Street Trees Part 9 - Cornus-Dogwood, Viburnum, Syringa-Lilac, Cercis-Redbud


Street Trees Part 10 – Ostrya, Carpinus, Chionanthus


Street Trees Part 11 – Nyssa and Liquidambar


Street Trees Part 12 – Platanus, Prunus, Amelanchier, Tilia




Then, plant the tree correctly and it will not only survive but thrive.




On behalf of trees “Thank You!”