Spotted Lanternfly Nymphs hatch in Amherst, Ohio

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Spotted Lanternfly nymphs have begun the hatch from an infestation that was discovered last year in Amherst, Ohio.


slf nymph





On Thursday, May 24th,2022, while scouting for SLF, I discovered that what appears to be first instar nymphs have emerged.


This hatch was first discovered several days before by Lorain County Master Gardener Volunteers under the direction of Lorain County ANR Educator, Ann Chanon.


I observed nymphs on the upper portion of leaves of Boxelder.


slf boxelder





They were on the leaves and stems.


Master Gardener Volunteers also observed nymphs on wild grape leaves, mulberry, and Virginia creeper leaves.


A trap was set up by ODA Inspector Fred Meyer.





One nymph found its way into the trap.







No nymphs were observed on Tree of Heaven, where egg masses were laid in the fall.






We have reached enough growing degree days for nymphs to hatch.

Video link attached:




The nymphs are tiny, so keep your eyes open!