Spotted Lanternfly Eggs Hatch in Cleveland, Ohio

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They’re here! Spotted Lanternfly nymphs have hatched from egg masses and emerged to crawl around on plants in Cleveland West 117th infestation.





The infestation that was discovered last summer in Cleveland, Ohio.


egg masses


Adults were present at that time.


adult 2




On Thursday, May 19th, 2022, while scouting for SLF, we discovered what appears to be first instar nymphs that have emerged.





Several weeks ago, we scouted egg masses on the West 117 infestation site.





Yesterday, we observed nymphs on the underside of wild grape leaves.




They were on the leaves




and stems.




On closer inspection, we discovered them on wild grape leaves, wild raspberry leaves, and Virginia Creeper leaves.


No nymphs were observed on Tree of Heaven, where egg masses were laid in the fall.




We have reached enough growing degree days for the eggs to hatch and the first instar nymphs to emerge.  These nymphs are tiny,




so look CAREFULLY while you scout around for these nuisance invaders!