Do Cover Crops Really Help Soil?

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As I drove to work today, I saw first-hand the impact cover crops had on a farm field. Check out the difference in color!


cover 2

non cover



Obviously, the darker soil was the one that had cover crops planted last year.


cover 3




It was a combination of daikon radishes and clover.


clover daikon




Cover crops can help to build organic matter, break through a hard pan, and in general, improve soils.


Some common cover crops include a radish and clover mix.


clover radish




Also, Sudex grass can also be used to improve soil and suppress weeds.


sudex 2




If you are not going to plant a garden or crop this year, consider planting a cover crop.


Sudex should be planted in May or early June and mowed a couple times in the summer.


sudex mowed




Radish-clover mix should be planted in late summer, August-Early September. Radishes will die below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, but the clover will survive through the winter. The field can be cultivated in the spring.


radish 3




Consider Cover Crops!