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This week’s word of the week is EXTENSION.


Dictionary.com defines the word in these ways.


extension (noun)


  • an act or instance of extending, lengthening, stretching out, or enlarging the scope of something.
  • the state of being extended, lengthened, or stretched out.
  • that by which something is extended or enlarged;
  • an additional period of time given one to meet an obligation
  • something that is expandable or can be extended; an extended object


While extension is not a new word, it has some important applications, or ties, to the green industry. 


In the horticulture, when someone says extension, they may be referring to different ways or means of making the growing season longer. Who wouldn't love that!


We can do things to extend the season by growing and harvesting plants either earlier or later than the traditional season dictated by Mother Nature. Soil warming mulches and protective structures and covers include numerous examples of extensions that add days, weeks, and even months to a season. That is sure to garner some excitment, especially this time of the year. 

In my scouting for information for this alert, I came across an informative online resource through University of Minnesota Extension. Because of their weather ‘up north,’ season extensions are very important to gardeners, growers, and producers. You can check out this educational resource at https://extension.umn.edu/planting-and-growing-guides/extending-growing-season  It makes for some good reading, especially with the recent blanket of snow that fell across the much of the buckeye state.  


Hopefully, the other thing that comes to mind when you hear or say the word extension, is an important component or part of the land grant university. Extension in this sense, literally means reaching-out and extending the teaching and research of the land grant in an innovative and local approach. The Buckeye Yard and Garden Line (BYGL) is a "product" of Extension. 


Check out this quick and informative video about Ohio State University Extension and the four program areas. In addition to this weeks word of the day's horticultural meaning, you will receive a history lesson that dates back to 1862 with the Morrill Act, and the 1914 Smith-Lever Act.  



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