Street Trees of Ohio – What’s your Favorite?

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What is a Street Tree? What are desired qualities? Drought tolerant,


street trees


Salt tolerant,


street 7


Pollution tolerant?


street 1


The point of this series of posts is to gather YOUR opinions and highlight a dozen trees for your consideration as a ‘Street Tree’.


street 5


In my recent walk from my car to the office, I contemplated how we could be so mean to trees. Surrounded by concrete.


street 9


Acting as a sump for rainwater.


street 6


Next to the street…...and heat!


street 5


But trees really beautify our city streets.


street 8


So, I’m asking for input. E-mail me your favorite variety or two of ‘Street Trees’ you enjoy. I will highlight 12 over 12 weeks. E-mail your selection to me at . I’ll pick 12 worthy of highlighting. And remember, there is really no such thing as a ‘Street Tree’; it’s really ‘Right Tree, Right Place’.