Lawn Renovation Video Series by OSU's Zane Raudenbush

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While the ideal time for lawn renovation has come and gone, I recently came across a video series created by Dr. Zane Raudenbush on home lawn renovation. Dr. Raudenbush is an Assistant Professor in the College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences' (CFAES) Horticultural Techonologies in Wooster, Ohio. 


Instead of waiting until next summer to share these videos, as temperatures fall and winter will soon be here, you might have some extra time to hone-up on your turfgrass knowledge, develop a plan for your own lawn, and be ready to implement a renovation plan in the late summer of 2021. This topic could also be very appealing after the hot and dry summer that much of Ohio recently experienced. It might not be until now that you are seeing the lasting impacts of the weather duo, heat and lack of moisture, on the lawn. 


The video series is broken down into 6 parts. Dr Raudenbush uses his own lawn to illustrate the step-by-step process that will hopefully lead to a successful lawn renovation. 


Step 1 Introduction to the Lawn Renovation – Supplies and Process

Step 2 Non Selective Herbicides

Step 3 Seedbed Preparation

Step 4 Turfgrass Selection and Seeding

Step 5 Post Plant Irrigation Practices

Final Step – Mowing and Post Establishment Care


Jump in and begin watching the videos today, or save for the cold and snowy winter days ahead. Taking the time to plan now, will have your lawn thanking you later.