Soil Testing

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We have been fielding a lot of questions on soil testing this spring. While these type of questions are more frequent this time of the year, we are wondering, since more people are staying home, if there is a new or renewed interesting in gardening, landscaping or lawn care. People maybe looking for something to do while social distancing. Of course one of the first steps in success is to soil test. 

Testing your soil will provide you with information otherwise unknown. There are many labs that test soil, includng both private and public labs. While some labs might be closed or have reduced hours as a result of COVID19, check with the lab before sending in a sample to confirm that they are testing and if their are any additional steps needed to submit the sample or samples. 


OSU has an excellent FactSheet on Soil Testing. It will walk you through how to collect a soil sample, submitting that sample to the lab, and what the results will tell you. There are some labs that are listed to get you started. You can access the FactSheet on the web at:


Remember, don't guess - soil test!