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Plants From All Over

“He who only England knows, knows England least”, said Rudyard Kipling. So, add some holiday spice to your Ohio plant loving by enjoying tales from…England and Scotland, Massachusetts, Ecuador, the worldwide web of Mary Maloney, and right here in Ohio at Granny Creek (Joe Cochran’s Arboretum in Knox County), and of course Secrest Arboretum. Even a few notes on the plants of China, from ornamental peaches to views from Badaling.

Disanthus in Scotland
DIsanthus cercidifolius growing at Crarae Botanic Garden in Scotland
Jason Veil teaches about the Cupressaceae at Secrest Arboretum
Jason Veil teaches about the Cupressaceae at Secrest Arboretum
Rhododendron sinogrande leaves
Rhododendron sinogrande leaves growing where?

So, the details.

WHEN:  Friday, December 6, 12:30 – 4:30.

WHERE: Secrest Education and Discovery Center

WHAT: An afternoon of opening-up to your world of plants.

Come having already enjoyed your lunch. We will have a light repast mid-program.

The Program:

  The Plants of Scotland – Jim Chatfield

  The Plants of the Trustees Gardens in Massachusetts – Jason Veil

The Plants of My Life – Mary Maloney

The Plants of Granny Creek – Joe Cochran

The Plants of Ecuador – Pam Bennett

The Winter Plants of Secrest – Paul Snyder and All

Plus: A hands-on exercise in winter plant identification and enjoyment, including all the evergreens we use as holiday trees.  We will also have winterberry holly bunches for prizes and for sale. 

WHY: “It is not down on any map. True places never are.”  - Herman Melville.

HOW: Registration is $20. Refreshments shall be served. Register by going to (must be lower case “c”). Or you can contact Sarah Mays of OSU Extension at or 330-263-3831, fax: 330-263-3667.

Pam Bennett and Mary Maloney
Come Hear Ye Hear Ye Pam Bennett and Mary Maloney!
Joe Cochran in Retirement
Has Joe Cochran retired?
FUchsia hedges in Scotland
Can fuchsias really grow in hedges?
An English oak along Hadrian's Wall
An English oak along Hadrians Wall in England