Sustainable Landscape Workshop: September 3

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Calling all those interested in learning about and sharing your knowledge about landscaping in sustainable ways. This workshop is for you.


American linden leaves
The leaves and bracts of American linden.


As student and horticulturist Lindsay Davidson wrote on her Sustainable Landscape Maintenance exam years ago:  Ken Cochran said in his lecture, ‘You must learn to be a practicing ecologist.’ That statement hit home. To landscape sustainably, we must look at the built/constructed landscape as an ecologist would look at a prairie or old growth forest, or wetland.

Recognizing that there are hundreds or thousands of pieces that fit together to create a complete puzzle of an ecosystem is the first integral step in sustainable landscape design. Removing or changing of any individual piece alters the puzzle in some way.

Well done, Lindsay. Now for the details of our September 3 workshop:


WHO: For all those who install, maintain, want to plant, tinker with, and/or spend time enjoying (and less time maintaining) landscapes.


Bottlebrush buckeye fruit
The seed is seen inside this bottlebrush buckeye fruit.


WHAT: Sustainable Landscaping for Ohio

Defining Sustainability, The Season of 2019, intro to the “Tree Book” – Ann Chanon and Jim Chatfield

Xeriscaping: The Art and Science of Matching Plants to Their Environments – Ann Chanon

Plant Selections for Disease and Insect Resistance – Jim Chatfield

Lunch and Refreshments and Plant Giveaways- All

Fun Plant Quizzes - All

Secrest Arbortum Walk – Secrest Arboretumites and All


'Wildfire' blackgum foliage
'Wildfire' blackgum foliage at Secrest Arboretum.


WHEN: Tuesday, September 3, 10:00am – 3:30pm


Katsuratree flowers in the springtime
Katsuratree flowers emerge with the foliage in spring. Check out what katsuras look like in September.


WHERE: The Miller Pavilion and the Arboretum grounds of Ohio State University’s Secrest Arboretum on the OSU-Wooster Campus.


Crablandia at Secrest Arboretum
Crablandia at Secrest. Fruits will steal the show in September. Photo actually by Ken Chamberlain


WHY: The Joy of Landscaping


Oaks at OARDC
Oaks at OSU-Wooster Campus. Look forward to these in your middle age if you plant now!


HOW: Register by going to (must be lower case “c”). Or you can contact Sarah Mays of OSU Extension at or 330-263-3831, fax: 330-263-3667.  Registration is $40 and lunch and refreshments are included.  Bring your walking shoes for the Arboretum walk. Lunch and refreshments included. Plant prizes shall be available for good questions, answers, and creative corrections and insults.  


Mid-air acrobatics from bagworms
We will even talk about pest and disease resistance, though bagworms in mid-air are a challenge.


Also: Check out the site for the Ohio Plant Diagnostic program at Secrest on September 6 and the Alexander von Humboldt Sestercentennial on September 13-14. Coming soon is the information for the Plant Families III program on September 18.


The Invention of Nature book
Remember: September 13 and 14; The Sestercentennial of AVH's  birth at Secrest.


Finally, let’s listen to Lindsay again, from that 2010 exam, discussing how she would develop a sustainable landscape business:

“Balance would be the key pillar of my landscape business. The ultimate goal would be to create landscapes that are cost efficient, have minimal or positive effect environmentally, have purpose being both functional and aesthetically pleasing, and finally serve as a positive example and educational tool for others.

I want my business to not only develop and practice a “land ethic” but to educate and encourage others to do so too.  Theodore Roosevelt said something along these lines: ‘A nation behaves well if it treats its natural resources as assets which must be passed on to future generations undiminished.’ My business would aim to do just that.”


Sassafras palette
Expand your landscape palette. Grow your sassafras awakeness