Ann Chanon

Extension Educator, Agriculture & Natural Resources
Lorain County - The Ohio State University




Articles Authored

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Kentucky Coffeetree
Spotted Lanternfly. THEY DON’T BITE!
Spotted Lanternfly 4th instar nymphs present at St Joseph Cemetery (Cleveland).
Hemlock Woolly Adelgid(HWA) and Elongate Scale(EHL) – A 2023 update
Flowering Ornamental Pear. How invasive is it Really?
Alternatives to Callery Pear
Spotted Lanternfly Walk-About for Green Industry Professionals
The Ball Drops on Callery Pear in 2023!
Gorgeous Fall Leaf Colors Dominate NE Ohio Views
Buckeyes……………..Don’t Pass the Buck!
Not all Buckeyes are created equal. Which is Which??
Extra Eyes Needed to Look For Spotted Lanternfly (SLF) During the Upcoming Season
Winter Tree ID – Part 2 – Deciduous Trees
Buckeye? Horse Chestnut? Which One is Which?
Street Trees Part 9 – Cornus-Dogwood, Viburnum, Syringa-Lilac, Cercis-Redbud
Invasive Buckthorns
Street Trees Part 5 – Gymnocladus, Kentucky Coffee Tree, Gleditsia, Honeylocust, and Koelreuteria, Goldenrain Tree
Street Trees Part 2 – Aesculus (Buckeye)
We Stand on the Shoulders of a Giant
Snowdrops: Beauty in the Midst of Chaos
Sustainable Landscape Workshop: September 3
Tree of Heaven vs. Sumac: How can you tell the difference?