National Invasive Species Awareness Week, February 25 - March 3, 2019

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Today, February 25, 2019 kicks-off National Invasive Species Awareness Week (NISAW)! While meetings, programs, and events are scheduled in Washington DC, we can use the week as a way to raise awareness right here in the buckeye state. Please share this alert with your colleagues, clients, friends and family to help spread the word about invasive species. 


An invasive species is defined by USDA as a species that is:

  • non-native to the ecosystem under consideration and
  • whose introduction causes or is likely to cause economic or environmental harm or harm to human health


Everyone can have an invasive species experience - arborists, gardeners, landscapers, farmers, homeowners, the general public. We must all be on the alert to help monitor already identified pests, report suspect finds, and always be willing to learn more. 


In the NISAW tool-box for outreach, they came up with 9 ways each of us can help in the world of invasive species. Included in the 9 ways, are also links to sources of additional information. 


Nine Ways You Can Help

  1. Learn about invasive species, especially those found in your region. Your local Extension office and the National Invasive Species Information Center are both trusted resources.

  2. Clean hiking boots, waders, boats and trailers, off-road vehicles and other gear to stop invasive species from hitching a ride to a new location. Learn more at

  3. Avoid dumping aquariums or live bait into waterways. Learn more at

  4. Don't move firewood - instead, buy it where you'll burn it, or gather on site when permitted. Learn more at

  5. Use forage, hay, mulch and soil that are certified as "weed free."

  6. Plant only non-invasive plants in your garden, and remove any known invaders.

  7. Report new or expanded invasive species outbreaks to authorities. In Ohio you can use the Great Lakes Early Detection Network (GLEDN) App. 

  8. Volunteer to help remove invasive species from public lands and natural areas.

  9. Ask your political representatives at the state, local and national level to support invasive species control efforts.


Help spread the word about invasive species not just this week, but year round. Stay tuned this week for some invasive species specific updates.