Fall Color: It’s not just for leaves anymore!

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Viburnum n 'Winterthur'


As we approach fall and its wide range of colors, we sometimes forget about other sources of color in the landscape: FRUIT!

Viburnums, Deciduous Hollies, even Dogwoods can provide fall color in the landscape.

Viburnum fruit can range from almost black to purple (Viburnum dentatum).


Viburnum dentatum


to red, (Viburnum trilobum 'Wentworth')


Vib. t. 'Wentworth'


even pink (Viburnum nudum)


Viburnum nudum


and yellow (Viburnum dilitatum 'Michael Dodge).


Vibunum dil. 'Michael Dodge'


In addition, these fruits can attract wildlife to the landscape.

Deciduous Holly berries, often known as winterberries can range from bright red (Ilex verticillata 'Stoplight')


Ilex v. 'Stoplight'


to orange and yellow (Ilex verticilatta 'Winter Gold').


Ilex v. 'Winter Gold'


The fruit will remain after the leaves fall and until eaten by birds and wildlife.

Dont' forget about Firethorn - Pyracantha




Beautyberry can provide a splash of violet-purple color (Callicarpa dichotoma 'Issai').


Callicarpa d. 'Issai'


Even flowering dogwood can put on a show with its red fruit.(Cornus florida)


Cornus florida


You can even have White Fruit as on Gray Dogwood - Cornus racemos


gray dogwood


So as you plan for next year and what plants to consider, don’t think just about flowers or fall color. Consider the fruit.