What's Your Number - Growing Degree Day Accumulations

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This time of the year, some areas can be accumulating growing degree days (GDD) pretty rapidly, while in other areas it is a slower process. Joe Boggs reported to some ENLTers last week that the Cincinnati area broke a record and experienced a 90 degree day. It's truly a different story in Toledo. We have been on the receiving end of lots of rain and much cooler temperatures. There have been some days where our low and high temperatures added together didn't add up to 90. 


To illustrate the differences that are occurring in the buckeye state, I have looked at two locations - one in the north, and one in the south. Let's take a look! 


Below is a screen shot from the GDD website with the zip code from Ironton, Ohio in the south. 


Ironton Ohio GDD, May 20, 2018
Ironton, Ohio - Growing Degree Day Website


You will notice that this area has accumulated 631 GDD. Two spotted spider mites and bagworms should have hatched and the area should be seeing the first bloom of Washington hawthorn very soon.


Now let's move north!


Growing Degree Website, Conneaut, Ohio
Conneaut, Ohio - Growing Degree Day Website


You will noticed that this area has accumulated 316 GDD. Vanhoutte spirea and pink princess weigela are at first bloom and common lilac is in full bloom. 


We know many of you are using the website regularly as a tool. If you aren't, you are missing out an opportunity to have an insight on plant blooms and insect pests.  All you need is your Ohio zip code. The other tool that I like on the website is the ability to compare the current GDD to previous years. Check out that information on the summary link. 


So what is your GDD?