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Have you heard of the Ohio State University Woodland Stewards Program?  If you haven't, I will let you in on a little secret.  The Ohio Woodland Stewards Program is an excellent educational resource that includes publications, workshops, classes, tree scale sticks, and links to other resources for anyone who cares for or manages trees, has an interest in aquatics and enjoys wildlife!


Ohio Woodlands, Water and Wildlife, is a newsletter that is produced three times a year. It provides subcribers with updates on the latest issues related to woodland management, including insect and disease or invasive plant issues. Articles are also geared towards expanding a readers knowledge base on a wide variety of topics related to our Ohio woodlands and the management and care of them.


The 2017 Winter Edition is available online at http://woodlandstewards.osu.edu/sites/woodlands/files/imce/pdf_newsletters/2017%20winter%20newsletter_0.pdf


You can access past newsletters online through the Ohio Woodland Stewards Website at  http://woodlandstewards.osu.edu/home  Visitors can also subscribe to receive the newsletter electronically, or receive a hard copy.  From the home page, select the newsletter icon, and then click on subscribe. 


The winter newsletter includes articles on Building Ohio State:  From Forest to the Renovation of the Thompson Library; An Asian Longhorned Beetle Update; Thousand Canker Disease Update; Bird Coats - Staying Warm During the Winter; and Ohio Maple Days. 


I hope that you enjoy the Ohio Woodland Stewards website and everything the program has to offer.