Tree of the Week: Sweetgum

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  You are all waiting for BYGLQuest 3 results, I know you are...Soon. For now, though" 

  There are variegated sweetgums. There are upright sweetgums. There are those who are driven to distraction by sweetgum fruits, cool though they are.  There are the multitudinous fall colors of sweetgum, There are the winged stems of many sweetgums. There are the truly wonderful monoecious flowers of sweetgum. There are sweetgums in the snow. There are sweetgums that range from Florida to states north of Ohio. Liquidambar styraciflua, you of the twice-named gum, we barely know ye!

  variegated sweetgum




upright sweetgum


sweetgum fruits in spring


sweetgum fruits in winter


fall foliage color of sweetgums


winged stems of sweetgum


monoecious flowers of sweetgum


But until next season, let us remember this member of the witch-hazel family (Hamamelidaceae) for what so recently they provided to Ohio's Capitol and in downtown Columbus,, our state’s capital


sweetgum at the Capitol


sweetgum at the Capitol rotunda


sweetgum leaves in December


sweetgum leaves along a Columbus street


colorful sweetgum leaves


sweetgum leaves run aground