BYGLQuest 2016-3: The Name Game

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And now…for BYGLQuest 2016-3...I hope you are adorned in your togas, using your fingers to eat olives and figs.  Or how about nocello poured over gelato?  At any rate, here is your weekend challenge – and timing is everything. The best answer to these four plant name and classification questions by 11:59 Sunday night, December 4, 2016 will receive a publication from my archives. 

Four questions:

1). Why is pineapple a compound name and why should douglasfir be written the way I did?


Douglasfir needles and cone



2).  Name five plant species (with Latin binomials), with common names that include “rose” that are not true roses in the genus Rosa. While you are at it, provide three plant species with the common name of “ash” that are not in the genus Fraxinus.


Rose of sharon


wafer ash fruits


3).  Name five plant genera named for people.





4). What is the difference between the Leguminosae and Fabaceae plant families?


redbud leaves and fruits

email me at with your entry.