Knowing About Trees... Will Definitely Please!

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Have you always wanted to know more about trees and why they grow like they do, why they need the resources that they utilize and just what exactly do they need to grow and thrive… And have many other question like these?  Well the perfect learning opportunity has arrived with some outstanding speakers and researchers willing to share their current tree knowledge with you!


Wrong place for River Birch
Pay attention to the sign because this is NOT the right place for planting River Birch (Betula nigra)


On Monday, December 5 the “Trees On Tap” has some outstanding speakers, leading off with Dr. Nina Bassuk of Cornell University speaking on “Practices of Site Amelioration and Plant Establishment” and one of the i-Tree pioneers, Dr. David Nowak of the U.S. Forest Service speaking on “The Role of Trees In Sustaining Environmental Quality, Human Health, and Human Well-Being: What The Research Tells Us”.


Beautiful red fall color on Pin Oak
Incredible fall foliage color of Pin Oak (Quercus palustris)


On that same day, there will also be an educational session on “TreeSources Must Haves”, consisting of those books and websites, as well as key aspects to a diagnostician’s field kit and some reminders of the tree-mendous opportunities we have as “caring for and about trees” types!

The program schedule is at: and you can still register at: and then under the Monday Workshops- click on the “Trees on Tap”.

If that isn’t enough, then Tuesday, December 6, at the Ohio Turfgrass Foundation (OTF) Conference and Show who is partnering with the OSU Green Industry Short Course, has created ANOTHER ENTIRE LEARNING TRACK for the day, just on TREES! 


Callery Pear colors on NOV 21, 2016
Callery Pear fall foliage colors on NOV 21, 2016 in Chardon, Ohio


Of course, there will be many other talks on a plethora of topics, from insects to plants and everything in-between, scattered throughout the three days, Tuesday-Thursday, December 6-8, of this same conference.  And yes, even I, one of the Tree Amigos, have been given the opportunity to speak on “Getting The Plant Off To Its Best Start- Planting And Young Tree Maintenance”. 


Tar Spot on Sugar Maple foliage
Tar Spot of Maple on Beautiful fall foliage of Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum)


Hope to see you there for some TERRIFIC TREE TALKS and really excellent educational experiences.  The entire program, broken out by themes or topics can be found at

Don’t wait another moment… sign up for knowledge now!!