Learn The Latest on Invasives at the OSU Green Industry Short Course

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While invasive species are on everyone's radar, do you know the latest? A great way to hear about the latest updates when it comes to invasive plants, insects and diseases is to attend the Ohio State University Green Industry Short Course and the Ohio Turfgrass Foundation Conference and Tradeshow in December at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. 


Joe Boggs and Amy Stone will be updating participants on invasive species in Ohio with updates from the field and what you can do to help with these battles on Wednesday, December 7. 


Kathy Smith will be covering invasive plants and their identification and management options on Thursday, December 8.


Additionally, the Invasive Species Wall of Shame will be on display and experts available to talk to attendees on the tradeshow floor about identification, reporting and management options for each of the invasive species that green industry professionals may encounter. 


So whether you want to learn the most effective herbicide options to manage honeysuckle in your clients landscape or woodlot, or where is the viburnum leaf beetle in Ohio and how close is it to a landscape near you?   These invasive species questions will be covered during the conference, plus updates on the Asian longhorned beetle, gypsy moth, buckthorn, oriental bittersweet, thousand canker disease and more! 


Learn more about OSU Green Industry Short Course and the OTF Conference and Tradeshow online at http://www.otfshow.org/education/ 


See you in Columbus in December!