Lily Has Everyone Seeing Stars

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Every year in NE Ohio at the Drapescape, my wife and I anticipate being able to sit out on our deck and gaze upon the stars in the middle of the day.  How is this possible you ask?  Easily answered.  Because we are both enjoying the emergence of our favorite oriental hybrid lily, which is in bloom right now, called Lilium orientalis ‘Stargazer’ or commonly known as the Stargazer lily.


Lilium orientalis, Stargazer
Large, stunning flower of the Stargazer lily


This group of hybrid oriental lilies are unique because most of the flowers of the lily family face downward, while the collective group called “stargazers”, have their blooms facing up!  One of the really nice aspects of this lily, which we both thoroughly appreciate, is the astounding fragrance.  I know that some find it nauseating and cloying, but outside in the evening, sitting on the deck, watching the sun go down… it is heavenly!