Hibiscus Hyperventilation!

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As I was driving through a local neighborhood this morning, I stopped at a stop sign and as I started to pull through the intersection, I saw massive, pink blooms that had me hyperventilating!  The sun was just at the right angle that the Hibiscus moscheutos (a.k.a. Hardy Hibiscus, Rose or Swamp Mallow), just popped out of a drab seeming lifeless, dry landscape!  I couldn’t resist that vibrant splash of color so I had to drive around the block, park, walk nonchalantly along the sidewalk and then casually slip into the yard to get a picture, without getting bitten by a dog!

Hardy Hibiscus, culitvar 'Pink Cloud'
Massive flower of Hibiscus moscheutos about 8-10 inches across


After doing a little sleuthing, my best guess is that this is most likely the cultivar ‘Pink Clouds’ because the blooms are 8-10 inches across!  What better way to start off the day, than taking pictures of incredible plants.  Man, I love my job!