Joe Boggs

Articles Authored

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Hawthorn Leafminers Have Completed Their Development in S.W. Ohio Bug Bytes
Poison Hemlock is Flowering and Towering Over Fields and Landscapes in Southern Ohio. Hort Shorts
UPDATE: Early-Emerging Periodical Cicadas Bug Bytes
Return of the Buckeye Leafmining Fly Bug Bytes
A Case Study: Peach Leaf Curl on Ornamental Peach Trees Disease Digest
Erineum Patches on Tree Leaves Bug Bytes
Oak "Apples" and the Gall-Making Process Bug Bytes
Extrafloral Nectaries and ETC Bug Bytes
Annual Sugar Maple Leaf-Drop Bug Bytes
Meadow Spittlebugs Bug Bytes
ETC Two-Step Control Method (Violence: Reader Discretion is Advised) Bug Bytes
Gnarled Oak Leaf Midge Galls Bug Bytes
A Nostoc Tour de Force Hort Shorts
Hydrangea Leaftier Oddball Damage Bug Bytes
Holey Oak Leaves! Bug Bytes
Please Report Early-Bird Periodical Cicadas Bug Bytes
Glenwood Gardens: A "Volcano" Mulch-Free Zone Hort Shorts
Slugged Rose Leaves Bug Bytes
Corrugated River Birch Leaves Bug Bytes
First Generation Pine Needle Scale Crawlers are Afoot. Bug Bytes
Boxwood Leafminer Major Bug Bytes
Knotty Honeylocusts: A Diagnostic Conundrum Hort Shorts
Rusty Junipers Disease Digest
Wilting Buckeyes Bug Bytes
Calico Scale is Puffing-Up and Pumping Honeydew Bug Bytes
Sneaky Common Chickweed is Going to Seed Hort Shorts
Focus on Poison Hemlock Control Hort Shorts
Tigers are Prowling Ohio Woodlands Bug Bytes
Cressleaf Groundsel: A Grown-up "Weed" Hort Shorts
European Elm Flea Weevil Bug Bytes


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April Southwest Ohio BYGLive! Diagnostic Walk-About