Joe Boggs

Articles Authored

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Backyard Flashers Bug Bytes
Japanese Beetles and Masked Chafers on the Wing Bug Bytes
Bladdergalls Bug Bytes
Look Closely for Lace Bugs Bug Bytes
Magnolia Scale is Pumping-Out Honeydew Bug Bytes
Marginal Leaf Fold Galls on Oaks and Black Locust Bug Bytes
1st Generation Scarlet Oak Sawfly Larvae Bug Bytes
Squiggly Lines on Magnolia Leaves Bug Bytes
Dripping Dogwoods Bug Bytes
Rusty Hawthorns Disease Digest
Holey Bleached-Out Canada Thistle Hort Shorts
All Bugs Aren’t Bad Bugs Bug Bytes
Where Do Four-Lined Plant Bugs Come From? Bug Bytes
Don't Touch This Weed! Hort Shorts
American Elm Pests and Host Preference Studies Bug Bytes
Calico Scale Crawl Bug Bytes
Springtime Fall Webworms Bug Bytes
Bagworm Eggs are Hatching Bug Bytes
An Ode to Catalpas … Their Hornworms and a Tiny Wasp. Bug Bytes
Mulberry Whitefly "Pupae" Can Present an ID Challenge Bug Bytes
Hawthorn Leafminers Have Completed Their Development in S.W. Ohio Bug Bytes
Poison Hemlock is Flowering and Towering Over Fields and Landscapes in Southern Ohio. Hort Shorts
UPDATE: Early-Emerging Periodical Cicadas Bug Bytes
Return of the Buckeye Leafmining Fly Bug Bytes
A Case Study: Peach Leaf Curl on Ornamental Peach Trees Disease Digest
Erineum Patches on Tree Leaves Bug Bytes
Oak "Apples" and the Gall-Making Process Bug Bytes
Extrafloral Nectaries and ETC Bug Bytes
Annual Sugar Maple Leaf-Drop Bug Bytes
Meadow Spittlebugs Bug Bytes


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April Southwest Ohio BYGLive! Diagnostic Walk-About