*Woody - White Fringetree (Chionanthus virginica)


Fringetree is a wonderful small, deciduous tree or shrub that reaches heights of 25-30'.  This tree is native to southeastern Ohio and is most commonly found in Scioto County, along ravines and larger streams.  Fringetree's feathery, panicled flowers are showy and dioecious (male and female flowers are on separate plants).  The male flowers are said to be more attractive and some folks say more fragrant than the female flowers.  This plant prefers moist, fertile, acid soils but is adaptable to many sites.  It is also very tolerant of air pollution, making it a good choice for city sites.  This tree does not have any serious pest or diseases that affect the overall health of the tree.  Cultivars to check out include 'Floyd' and 'Spring Fleecing'.