*Annual - Snapdragon (Antirrhinum spp.)


Gardeners who are chomping at the bit should realize it's still too early to plant impatiens and other warm-season annuals, and be successful!  However, those anxious to get color in the garden should consider planting snapdragons.  These cold-tolerant annuals can be planted early in the spring because they tolerate cool soil temperatures and light frosts.  In fact, they thrive in cooler temperatures.

Snapdragons bloom and grow best in full sun.  They tolerate light shade but bloom production decreases.  The flowers get their common name from the fact that when one squeezes or pinches the flowers, the "dragon mouth" opens.  Flowers are faintly fragrant and taller varieties make excellent cut flowers.  Shorter varieties are used for bedding plants or in borders.  Deadhead on a regular basis to keep them fresh and blooming all season.  There may be a period during the heat of summer where they just "sit there and do nothing," but be patient as they return to full glory with cooler fall temperatures.