This is the 29th 2014 edition of the Buckeye Yard and Garden Line (BYGL). BYGL is developed from a Tuesday morning conference call of Extension Educators, Specialists, and other contributors in Ohio.

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This is the last BYGL ("Beagle") for the 2014 season; the BYGL is retreating to its doghouse for a long winter's nap.  We're sure we all agree:  the 2014 BYGL season went too fast, doggone it!
.  OSU GREEN INDUSTRY SHORT COURSE and OTF CONFERENCE AND SHOW: DECEMBER 9 - 11, 2014.  This event, at the Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio will feature over 165 educational presentations, the Ohio Turfgrass Foundation trade show, and…Well, look at it this way:

Why should you attend? Here are just a few reasons...
--Get the credits you need to retain your professional certifications and licenses.
--Learn about the latest practices, products, trends and issues in your industry.
--Network and re-connect with your colleagues.
--"Re-charge" your batteries after another long season and prepare the one ahead.
--It's affordable education, close to home.
--Meet Ohio State and NBA legend Jerry Lucas after the keynote address presented by Syngenta.

Conference and show revenue helps us support those that provide you with training, extension, research and more. Revenue generated during the conference plays an important role in supporting research and education within the industry.


In This Issue:

1.  PLANTS OF THE WEEK:  Perennial (Little Bluestem); Woody (Multiple Species); and Weed (Henbit and Purple Deadnettle).
2.  HORT SHORTS:  Flashy Colors Fall?; Master Gardener Volunteer (MGV) Program Spreads to South Korea; and Two More Book Reviews.
3.  BUGBYTES:  Emerald Ash Borer and White Fringetree; Minute Marauding Pirates; and Stinging Caterpillars.
4.  DISEASE DIGEST:  Sanitize It - Your Landscape That Is! and Fall Clean Up for a Better Spring Garden!
5.  TURF TIPS:  Just Keep Mowing!; What to Do with Fallen Leaves; Broadleaf Weed Control; and Oh, the Education You'll Get!
6. INDUSTRY INSIGHTS:  The 87th Ohio State University Green Industry Short Course & The 48th Annual Ohio Turfgrass Conference and Show.
8.  COMING ATTRACTIONS:  The 87th Ohio State University Green Industry Short Course (Formerly the Nursery Short Course) December 9 - 11; Tri-State Green Industry Conference; and 2015 Commercial Pesticide Recertification Conferences.

Authors for 2014:  Pam Bennett, Joe Boggs, Jim Chatfield, Julie Crook, Erik Draper, Denise Ellsworth, Gary Gao, Denise Johnson, Jacqueline Kowalski, Ashley Kulhanek, Cindy Meyer, Tim Malinich, Amy Stone, Nancy Taylor, Marne Titchenell, Danae Wolfe, and Curtis Young.
Buckeye Yard and Garden onLine provides timely information about Ohio growing conditions, pest, disease, and cultural problems. Updated weekly between April and October, this information is useful for those who are managing a commercial nursery, garden center, or landscape business or someone who just wants to keep their yard looking good all summer.